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Coconut Lime Candle


Infuse your evenings with the essence of a tropical retreat.

Our Coconut Lime Fragrance Candle is your ticket to an olfactory journey to paradise, no passport required! Light it up and let the zesty lime and creamy coconut aroma elevate your space as the sunset kisses the day goodbye.


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Weight 0.870 kg
Dimensions 10.00 × 10.00 × 12.40 cm

17 reviews for Coconut Lime Candle

  1. Isabel

    This Coconut Lime candle is the best! It smells fresh and lasts so long.

  2. Chloe

    Makes my whole house smell like a holiday. Love the blend of coconut and lime – it’s just right!

  3. Mia

    Every time I light this candle, I feel transported to a tropical island. The mix of lime and coconut is not just refreshing, it brings a certain warmth and exotic charm to my space. It’s perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing by myself. The burn time is impressive, lasting through many evenings of enjoyment.

  4. Natalie

    Just perfect for my kitchen, keeps it smelling fresh!

  5. Lily

    This has become my favorite candle by far. The scent of coconut and lime takes me back to my vacation in Bali. It’s a strong scent but not overwhelming. It fills the room with a sweet, tropical fragrance that makes any day better. Plus, the candle burns evenly, which means no wasted wax. I always have one in my living room and another ready in the wings. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a candle that brings a bit of paradise into your home.

  6. Ella

    Just a quick light and my room transforms into a tropical paradise!

  7. Amelia

    This candle is like an oasis in a jar. The moment I light it, my whole apartment transforms into a calming and soothing environment. The coconut lime scent is just the right strength; it’s there, noticeable and delightful without being overpowering. It’s my secret weapon for a relaxing evening at home.

  8. Isabella

    I absolutely love this candle! It not only smells incredible but also lasts a long time. Every time I light it, I feel like I’m on a tropical vacation. It’s a wonderful way to unwind after a long day.

  9. Emma

    Absolutely love how this candle brings summer vibes into my living room. It’s perfect for both day and night.

  10. Lara

    A fresh burst of lime with a subtle hint of coconut—perfect for any room.

  11. Charlotte

    I’m absolutely in love with this candle! The scent is rich and transports me straight to a beach with its tropical coconut and zesty lime notes. It fills the room with a soothing aroma that makes me feel relaxed and happy. It’s perfect for when I need to escape the daily grind and just give myself a moment of tranquility. Plus, the quality is fantastic. It burns evenly and slowly, making it last longer than most candles I’ve tried. This is definitely a must-have for anyone who loves high-quality candles with unique scents.

  12. Sophie

    I bought this for my mom and she adores it. The scent is just right, not too overpowering but enough to gently waft through her home, making it smell divine.

  13. Grace

    This candle is a pure delight! The combination of coconut and lime is perfect. It’s my go-to for a relaxing evening.

  14. Ava

    I’ve tried many candles but nothing compares to the Coconut Lime from Vouzia. It’s like a perfect tropical escape in a jar. The coconut is not too sweet, which I love, and the lime adds a crispness that makes the scent so refreshing. Even when it’s not lit, the fragrance lingers, filling my space with a serene, inviting aroma. Definitely a staple in my home now.

  15. Jackie

    Never thought a candle could transport me straight to the beaches of Queensland, but here we are! The Coconut Lime scent is just explosive – it’s like cracking open a fresh coconut while squeezing a lime over it. Long-lasting and fills up my living room with this tropical aroma that just makes every day feel a bit sunnier. Absolutely going to buy more, the price is a steal for such quality!

  16. Hannah

    This is the ultimate candle for anyone who loves the smell of summer and beaches. The coconut lime scent is powerful enough to fill my entire house and makes me feel like I’m right by the ocean, even when I’m actually miles away. It’s also long-lasting, which is perfect because I never want the scent to end. Whether you’re entertaining guests or just need a moment to yourself, this candle sets the perfect mood. I’ve received so many compliments from friends and family, and I always tell them about Vouzia Candles.

  17. Mike

    This candle is a game changer. The moment I light it up, it feels like I’m on holiday. It’s a sweet, tangy lime with a creamy coconut undertone that isn’t overpowering but just perfect. Lasts for ages too. Got one in the lounge and another for the bedroom. Can’t recommend it enough, it’s like having a tropical escape at your fingertips.

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